Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Hill: Dems afraid to hold votes on climate bills
“Congressional Democrats will not commit to forcing votes on major climate change bills, even as they try to build political momentum behind President Obama’s promise to make global warming a second-term priority.”
Britain’s Green Energy Fiasco: Running On Empty
Britain, once the envy of Europe thanks to its North Sea energy riches, will lose nearly a third, 25-30 gigawatts (GW), of its generating capacity. If nothing is done, we could face decades lurching from crisis to crisis.
The Climate and Energy State of the Union -
Assuming the projected trajectory of overall global emissions by all countries, climatologist Chip Knappenberger of the Cato Institute, calculates that if the U.S. were somehow to entirely eliminate all of its greenhouse gas emissions right now that would reduce future warming by only 0.2 degree Celsius by 2100. In other words, the globe would warm by 2.8 degrees instead of 3.

Another problem with Obama's proposals is that many of them have already been tried and have failed. Carbon cap-and-trade in Europe, for example, has cost consumers $277 billion for "almost zero impact" on cutting carbon dioxide emissions. Scores of billions in federal energy subsidies and tax breaks squandered over the past several decades have produced similarly dismal results.
Climate Rally In Washington Brought Out 40,000 People, Organizers Estimate
"Congress is sleepwalking through this crisis," Whitehouse told the cold but spirited crowd. "There's a man over there in the White House [actually, isn't that particular planet-healer away on a completely unnecessary fuel-guzzling trip to sunny Florida this weekend?] who has found his voice on climate change..." ...Alexandra Moncrief, a 21-year-old from Austin, Texas, said she heard about the issue just moments before she decided to hop on a bus to D.C. She'd never seen the nation's capital, she said, and was looking for an adventure. "I'm here to learn," she said.

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