Friday, February 01, 2013

BREAKING: an encouraging admission of lower climate sensitivity by a ‘hockey team’ scientist, along with new problems for the IPCC | Watts Up With That?
UPDATE: Annan now suggests the IPCC “is in a bit of a pickle”, see below.

UPDATE2: Title has been changed to reflect Annan’s new essay, suggesting lying for political purposes inside the IPCC.
Harvard professor has it right: U.S. climate push requires intense grassroots support around ‘cap-and-dividend’ bill | Grist
Any company introducing coal, oil, or natural gas into the U.S. economy would first need a permit obtained at auction. The auction money would then be directly rebated to all U.S. citizens through monthly, equal-sized checks. These checks — or dividends — would protect all but the richest, most energy-consuming households from harm as the price of dirty energy and related products rose under a carbon cap.  [So all but the richest get paid enough that they don't have to change their lifestyles, and the richest are rich enough so that they also don't have to change their lifestyles, and this scheme alters our lifestyles so drastically that CO2-induced bad weather still gets prevented?]
California: Political insiders start firm targeting cap-and-trade cash -- 02/01/2013 --
A group of people with ties to California Gov. Jerry Brown (D), the state Legislature and several key agencies yesterday announced that they have launched a new advocacy firm that will be focused in large part on helping businesses, tech firms and investors access bounty from the state's carbon reduction program.
Hypocrite Gore Targets Fox News But Is OK with Oily Al-Jazeera
After praising the integrity, independence and journalistic standards of foreign oil-backed anti-American Al Jazeera, the former Vice President took a swipe at Fox News Channel.

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