Friday, February 01, 2013

Monsanto chief doesn't seem all worked up about global warming: His best scientists said "There's enough evidence to suggest that it's getting warmer"

Boss Talk: Monsanto Reaps Growth Amid Criticism -
WSJ: To what extent are you worried about a changing climate, and its effects on agriculture and Monsanto specifically?

Mr. Grant: We took a look at this three or four years ago. We brought our brightest scientists together and asked them, climate change: fact or fiction? And then, what would the effect be in agriculture in general and our business specifically?

The conclusions that came back were, 'There's definitely something there. This isn't an anomaly. There's enough evidence to suggest that it's getting warmer.' For agriculture that's going to absolutely present challenges, at the very time we need to produce more, it's an environment that's heated. In the much longer term, we're going to have to focus on breeding to accommodate those temperature shifts.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Mr Grant! How much money your company have invested in "climate ready" seeds last decade ?