Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bummer: Toronto Star piece suggests that CO2 is the reason that someone in Bangladesh is cooking within smelling range of the toilet

Climate change forcing thousands in Bangladesh into slums of Dhaka | Toronto Star
Climate change refugees struggle to survive in slums of Dhaka. The city faces a population explosion, with inadequate infrastructure.
DHAKA, BANGLADESH—Taslima Masud faces a dilemma every morning: should she prepare food or stay hungry to avoid illness?

“The kitchen is so close to the toilet,” she says. “When I cook, I can’t smell the curry but I can smell the toilet. It disgusts me every day, but there is nothing I can do except . . . not cook. And I have to cook.”  [Via BF]

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Anonymous said...

The main reason that these people have these problems is that that have never had cheap energy to keep their lights on at night, to transport themselves and goods, to produce food more efficiently and less expensively, and to power machinery to build infrastructure.
Their challenge has nothing to do with "climate change".