Sunday, February 17, 2013

Schoolchildren use puppets to learn about climate change and recycling
CHILDREN at a Darlington school have been using puppets to help them learn about global warming, climate change and the importance of recycling.
Plimer and the merry band of fake experts | Climate Spectator
Over time, the percentage of climate scientists agreeing that humans are causing global warming has steadily increased. As the body of evidence grows, the consensus is getting stronger.
...[cartoonist] John Cook is a Climate [Scam] Communication Fellow at University of Queensland
Zócalo Public Square :: Should We Just Adapt to Climate Change?
Sure, we might be able to go on a war footing to drastically lower carbon emissions. Perhaps we could even endure severe austerity and a radical transformation of our lifestyles mandated and overseen by vastly more powerful governments. Some say it’s the only alternative to more extreme weather, mayhem, and death around the world. But we could also just say forget it, stop fighting it, and accept that climate change is past the point of no return. We could move farther away from the beach in Los Angeles, raise the seawalls around Manhattan and San Francisco, wear stronger sunblock, and turn up the air conditioning. Does fighting off global warming still merit extraordinary efforts, or are we—despite the warnings of scientists and environmentalists—better off looking for ways to live with a new normal now, while we still have time? New York Times environmental writer Andrew Revkin and UCLA climate scientist Alex Hall visit Zócalo to discuss a topic that is only getting hotter and hotter as time goes by: living with climate change.   [Will someone please tell me that warmist Revkin isn't taking yet another completely unnecessary fuel-guzzling long haul plane trip for this?]

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