Sunday, February 24, 2013

Call the wambulance: Warmist "Chasing Ice" propaganda film passed over by the Academy in favor of five other films that have nothing to do with "the most important issue we’re ever going to have to deal with as a civilization"

The doc is out: Why isn’t ‘Chasing Ice’ up for an Academy award? | Grist
But its viscerally emotional vistas and Manhattan-sized collapses were passed over by the Academy this year in favor of five other films, none of which have to do with what Chasing Ice director Jeff Orlowski told me was “the most important issue we’re ever going to have to deal with as a civilization.”
Orlowski likens America’s fossil-fuel addiction to its addiction to the slave-labor economy that allowed it to explode and thrive.
Flashback: Sign of the times: Warmist propaganda film "Chasing Ice", supposedly considered a frontrunner in the Oscar race, fails to win a nomination for best documentary


VACornell said...

How about this: 100 nuclear plants between now and
2030. Then another 100 Gen IV plants. ALL the coal
plants are gone. CO2 in the atmos is decreasing thus
flora and fauna suffer a bit. Cost is very, very large.

Kirk Myers said...

We should hand out humanitarian awards to companies that pump out the most CO2 annually. They are generating life-giving plant food that will go a long way towards increasing agricultural yields in crop-producing regions.

The widespread belief in CO2-induced global warming is as bogus as the once widely help belief in Piltdown Man. They are both a complete fiction.

Bartender said...

The spectral presence of 'Chasing Ice' was just another eerily chilling jilted scam spawned from a ruined living 'Green Environmental' theatre that never let's up. A chilling resurrection of its debunked sister movie 'The Inconvenient Truth' that is been brought gloriously alive ...Again.