Sunday, February 24, 2013

Carbon credit 20% profit boast from MH Carbon Limited that went up in smoke | This is Money
I have yet to see any ordinary investor make a penny from trading in carbon credits
Idiots Converge on Freezing D.C. to Protest Global Warming
Lots of white people raised their fists in the air in solidarity with something. Possibly the climate. Robert Redford wrote an editorial in support of the protest, but didn’t bother flying a private jet over to take part. There was an awkward dance party. There were a few obligatory giant puppets. Everyone was cold, but everyone pretended that the planet was burning up.
... Getting 35,000 freezing idiots in a single place to protest how hot the planet is becoming is only noteworthy as a punchline.
Isn't it ethical to use less heating? | Environment | The Observer
This year I've gone without heating apart from the rare use of a wood-burning stove. I've managed well, but friends and family take a dim view of my low indoor temperatures. Meanwhile I find their homes intolerably overheated. Can you back up my assertion that my way is the ethical way?
Voluntary heating refuseniks remain few and far between in the UK. I tried to find you an organised band of resistance to isothermal comfort, but I failed. However, there's a small pocket of inspiration from across the (frozen) pond. There's a challenge by US bloggers at Crunchy Chicken to live without central or space heating and also the, which provides practical tips, such as what to wear (layers of natural fibres are essential; skiwear is useless) and letting your taps drip slightly in winter weather – 15-30 drips per hour apparently prevents pipes freezing.
The English Blog: Cartoon: What Did You Do In The War Against Climate Change?
According to the newspaper, the year is 2050. We see an old man with a beard sitting in a battered armchair on his porch. He is wearing a white vest. The landscape resembles a desert, and the wreck of a car is half-buried in the sand. The gaunt-looking girl sitting on the old man's knee asks, "Grandpa, what did you do in the war against climate change?' Her equally gaunt brother is playing with some toys which include a polar bear and an oil tanker (nice touch!) The message is clear: if we don't act now to curb global warming, this is the future which awaits us (and our children).

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