Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Seven Most Alarming Effects of Climate Change on North America, 2013 Edition
Wilder Tornados

Last year nearly 1,000 tornadoes were confirmed in the United States, many of them cutting widespread swathes of destruction through the Midwest.
Flashback: 2012 Tornado Count In U.S. Could Be One Of Lowest On Record
"I think this year as a whole might go down in the books for the lack of severe weather," Spann said.
Twitter / climatebrad: Will Obama and Boehner manage ...
Will Obama and Boehner manage to push the US into austerity? the #fiscalcliff just accelerates us toward the #climatecliff.
Party gets serious about climate change
The Central Committee of the Viet Nam Communist Party is developing a resolution to respond to climate change and protect the country’s environment and natural resources.
Indiana State energy sustainability grows with dedication of wind turbine » News » News From Terre Haute, Indiana
The turbine coincides with the university’s Climate Action Plan, which seeks to make the campus carbon-neutral by 2050...More than 450 environmental sciences students actively participated in the project, analyzing wind data to determine the best location for a turbine.

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