Sunday, February 24, 2013

Warmists upset that new Energy Secretary won't try to prevent bad weather by attempting to power our economy with unicorn farts?

Environmental Groups Target Ernest Moniz, President Obama’s Likely Choice for Energy Secretary - The Daily Beast
“We’re not sure Mr. Moniz will keep his eyes where they should be: on a no-carbon future where we are relying on wind and other forms of energy,” says Mitch Jones, a program director at Food and Water Watch.
“Mr. Moniz is affiliated with the industry-backed MIT Energy Initiative, so we shouldn’t be surprised about his favorable position on fracking,” read the statement. “But President Obama could do a lot better. Appointing Mr. Moniz would be a nail in the coffin for one of his most lauded inaugural speech promises: a commitment to focus on climate solutions.”
...At Greenpeace, executive director Phil Radford believes Moniz will keep the administration’s energy approach in the dark ages.

“This is a fairly safe, uninspired pick,” says Radford. Moniz “knows fossil fuels and nuclear energy, which is old energy. And at the same time it doesn’t align with the president’s promise to move the country forward. It’s a strange choice to pair with the president’s choice to fight global warming.”

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