Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Christie Can’t Control His Eating – But He Can Control The Climate
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie talked about struggles with his weight on Tuesday, saying his doctor has warned him that his “luck is going to run out relatively soon”
Twitter / BjornLomborg: Australian electricity price ...
Australian electricity price increased 56% since 2006. Carbon tax, feed-in tariffs and aging infrastructure to blame:
Environment ministers of Arctic states meet to discuss climate - The Economic Times
The ministers are meeting at a mine at a depth of 550 meters in the Jukkasjarvi ice hotel to discuss Arctic Change and Its Global Consequences.
Polar Bear Blog – Let’s Feed The Bears (Some More)
Increasingly, Amstrup, Stirling and Derocher sit in their insular clique and issue commentaries on what and what shouldn’t be approved in polar bear land. To the rest of us, this usually translates as ‘If we don’t do it, then it shouldn’t be done. Stand by.’ If this pisses me off, what do you think Nunavut and the rest of the north has to say about it…?

I mean you have to remember that these guys didn’t really encounter bears (other than running from helicopters) until 2006-ish when Buchanan brought them into the loop… To provide scientific data, no one is better. To comment on polar bear behaviour patterns, few are worse. Derocher et al need to chill out if they want to salvage any credibility before they ‘consult northern communities’…
Null results in largest environmental study of its kind |
The largest meta-analysis in the world of maternal exposures to air pollution and newborn birthweights, which combined effect estimates on about 3 million births from 14 international research centers, found no link. That’s not what is being reported, however.

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