Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Britain faces risk of power cuts due to solar storms - Telegraph
Britain could face the risk of power cuts due to solar storms as the Sun enters an 11-year peak in activity, a new report claims.
Twitter / aDissentient: Doommonger climatologists should ...
Doommonger climatologists should be made to spreadbet their pensions on the global temperature record.
Twitter / MarcherLord1: South Gloucester Council, Climate ...
South Gloucester Council, Climate Change Officer - £31k anyone??
Twitter / SteveRHopkins: @MarcherLord1 I could do that ...
@MarcherLord1 I could do that - "It's all bollocks". That'll be £31K please.
- Bishop Hill blog - More corruption at DECC
Guido reports that Charles Hendry, the former Energy Minister, has got a new job.
[Hendry has] just been announced as the chairman of the wind energy giants Forewind. The consortium comprising of four international companies -Scottish and Southern, RWE, Statoil and Statkraf – was awarded the contract in 2010 to build the huge “Dogger Bank” windfarm 125km off the Yorkshire coast.
- Bishop Hill blog - Tyndall Centre gives up on science
Professor Kevin Anderson of the Tyndall Centre, Britain's national centre for excellence in the study in climatology and its consequences doesn't seem to have got the memo about low climate sensitivity:

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