Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Obama to nominate REI chief executive [Sally Jewell] as secretary of the interior - The Washington Post
“She knows the oil and gas business from having worked at Mobil and in the banking industry, but also understands the growing economic potential of America’s $646 billion outdoor recreation industry,” McUsic added. “She knows that to grow the economy, development of energy resources must be on equal ground with the protection of places that drive tourism, travel, and recreation.”
Twitter / eilperin: What's coolest about ...
What's coolest about albatross piece-she gave birth at 62 or she's tracked by a 94-year old researcher?
Sandy recovery, not climate, on Governor Christie's radar -
Governor Christie said he has been so busy helping New Jersey recover from superstorm Sandy that he hasn’t had time to consider “the esoteric question” of whether climate change may have fueled the devastating storm.

“It’s not a main concern for me,” Christie said when asked about climate change and Sandy during a news conference Tuesday.

“I have to tell you the truth, I’ve been focused on a lot of things; the cause of this is not one of them that I’ve focused on,” Christie said after addressing Sandy-related insurance issues in his news conference in Union Beach.
Andrew Bolt: World not warming to climate change | adelaidenow
Not surprisingly, the rest of the world seems to have lost Australia's crusading zeal to "stop" a warming that for now seems to have stopped itself. In Australia, we're forced to pay a $23/tonne carbon tax. In Europe, carbon allowances have crashed to below $6. In New Zealand the price has plummeted to just $2.

None of this is to say the world did not warm last century and will not resume warming at some stage. The truth is the world over the past 16 years has not warmed as most climate models and warmist scientists predicted. The increasing disasters we were told to expect have not happened.

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