Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Climate change is a gut issue—Legarda - Philippines
The Inquirer on Sunday reported that the audience at a rally of the United Nationalist Alliance showed little concern for such issues as climate change and good governance as they were more concerned about having food on the table and improving their lives.
Can Yahoo be more ‘efficient’ with more workers driving to the office? | Grist
In a decision that sent the internet into a tizzy today, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has decided that employees will no longer be allowed to telecommute to work.
#265) REFERENCE POINT 1979: Climate is not a mass movement (yet) | The Benshi
...the picture is clear. The environmental movement got richer, smarter and more bureaucratic, but the rallies today are smaller than back then. I think that’s kinda sad.
Australian climate research body out of funds | Connect Asia | ABC Radio Australia
One of the key research bodies charged with preparing Australia to address the impacts of global warming is in trouble.
After just over five years in operation, the National Climate Change Adaptation Research facility is running out of money.
The Australian government hasn't extended its funding and from June it's expected to be wound up.
JEAN PALUTIKOF: We might be seen as an organisation that perhaps is meeting a future challenge rather than a current challenge - although I have to say looking out of the window here in Queensland, it looks to me like the challenge is pretty much here now.

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