Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Climate Vatican Wins In Arizona : CO2 Is Still The Center Of The Universe | Real Science
Everyone in Arizona knows the overwhelming evidence that snow is a thing of the past.
Obama To Fix Hurricanes | Real Science
The US has been hit by 287 hurricanes since 1850, but Obama is going to fix all that.
Global Warming Devastation In Southern Arizona | Real Science
Only 20 feet of snow so far this winter.
Hansen Busted Again, Turning A Cooling Trend Into A Warming Trend | Real Science
In 1999, he showed that most of the US cooled from 1950-1998
But that simply wasn’t going to scare anyone, so he got rid of all US cooling in his recent maps. Note too that he eliminated all cooling in South America and Africa, and turned them into warming.
CIA 1974 National Security Threat : Global Cooling/Excess Arctic Ice Causing Extreme Weather | Real Science
In 1974, global cooling and excess Arctic ice caused extreme weather and were a national security threat.

By contrast, the intelligence and climate science communities are much more intelligent now. They now know that global warming and missing Arctic cause extreme weather and are a national security threat.
Times … They Are A Changing | Real Science
The Arctic has locked into a persistent cold pattern, unlike anything I have seen for years.

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