Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Climate change perceptions changing in U.S., speaker says
Collier, a volunteer speaker for the organization founded and chaired by former Vice President Al Gore, was in Augusta this week to speak to the local Sierra Club and other organizations.
“We used to talk about weather systems, ice caps and long-term things,” he said. “Now we are seeing the first phenomena: rainstorms that are bigger and more frequent, and heavier snowfalls too. I call it ‘global weirding.’”
Twitter / RyanMaue: This negative piling on by ...
This negative piling on by liberal media about "bonehead" economic illiterate anti-Keystone climate folks shows bus about to roll 'em over
Oscars: Helen Hunt [suggests that a beach clean-up can help prevent CO2-induced bad weather]
Hunt: We can help shine the light on both the climate science, and the solutions, including through events like this. I also think we can all take action ourselves where ever possible. I spent last Saturday with my daughter doing a beach clean up with Heal the Bay

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