Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Laughable BS from climate hoax scientist Andrew Glikson: Current CO2 level "signals the termination of stable climate"; there is a "criminal dimension" to people who don't believe that CO2 causes bad weather

Orwellian climate double-speak dominating discussion
Before the Neolithic and the development of Great River Valley civilisations some 10,000 years ago, erratic climate severely hindered cultivation of crops. This meant our ancestors had to rely on hunting and gathering. Since 1750, humans have released some 560 billion tons of carbon (GtC) at the unprecedented rate of 2ppm/year. More than 40% of this accumulates in the atmosphere, which signals the termination of stable climate. We have seen this manifested in a spate of extreme weather events.

CO2’s atmospheric residence times is 1000 to 10,000 years: current emissions are condemning future generations to impossible climate conditions.
The criminal dimension of the current campaign to negate climate science and defame climate scientists will only be fully comprehended by our children and grandchildren, when it may be too late.

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