Thursday, February 21, 2013

Secretary Of State Says That The 1930s Dust Bowl Could Have Been Prevented By Investing More In Solyndra | Real Science
During the 13th century, a 75 year long drought wiped out the Anasazi – and then they moved into solar powered caves.
Joe Bastardi: Its plain to see that the cold and snow are related in DC, and anyone disputing that is living in a dream world | Climate Realists

Snow play today! Rare blizzard stops golf championship in city more used to scorching temperatures | Mail Online
The city [Tucson] is hardly known for its wintery climate.
Even February only sees temperatures drop to a minimum low of 5C with the monthly high sometimes soaring as high as 20C - around the same average maximum temperature as the UK in July or August.

Although snow is not unheard of in the state, it is still rare.  [Via Climate Realists]
Extreme Weather Events are the new sea level rise
Contrary to expectations fueled by Al Gore's slideshow, Manhattan has not been submerged yet and sea levels remain generally un-alarming. So Warmists hardly mention sea level these days.

Extreme weather is MUCH juicier. We have had extreme weather events forever but people's memory of them is vague and people can easily be persuaded that recent events are anomalous. Studies of weather statistics show we are having FEWER EWEs lately but who needs statistics when you've got models?

Since the data are so pesky, however, even the modelers are having a struggle to justify their conclusions. It was all hanging out at a recent IPCC modelers meeting and Michael Kile fisks their agonizing ably below

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