Thursday, February 07, 2013

Climate Change Set to Batter U.S. Agriculture, Forests | Climate Central
But Cleaves said that the situation “is not all gloom and doom.”

“Some species of trees, if they’re tolerant to a changing climate, might actually thrive on warmer temperatures and more carbon dioxide in the air and more rain,” he said. “We’ve actually seen in some regions of the country, like the Northeast, rainfall increase. We’ll probably see forests there that grow faster, though the species mix may change. There’s some opportunity for new kinds of forest.”
Energy, Security, and Climate » Thinking Carefully About Tight Oil
[Michael Levi] these big pools of oil will be burned if we choose to cook ourselves; they will mostly remain in the ground if we don’t. It’s how much fossil fuels we use, not where they come from, that matters most to the planet.
Twitter / chriscmooney: "It’s not that conservative ...
"It’s not that conservative people are more fearful, it’s that fearful people are more conservative."
John Doerr cries - YouTube
[2007] At the end of the Kleiner Perkins partner's presentation at TED, about the perils of climate change, he chokes up.

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