Monday, February 04, 2013

Climate: Obama has kicked off a new conversation -- but where it's going is still unclear
Frank Maisano of Bracewell & Giuliani said the president might be coming out early and strong on climate in his second term because he has some plans in the offing that might not please his environmental allies, especially on Keystone XL.

The inaugural speech was "part of an approach to inoculate himself against some decisions that he's going to have to make that environmentalists are not going to like," Maisano said.
Twitter / algore: If the rest of the world bought ...
If the rest of the world bought cars at the rate of the US, world population of cars would be 5.5 billion #thefuture  [Hey Al:  How many cars do you own?]
Confronted With 97 Percent Of Climate Scientists, Fox Makes Up Stats | Blog | Media Matters for America
On Fox News, Republican strategist Brad Blakeman denied the scientific consensus on manmade climate change, saying "For every one scientist that says there is, I'll give you 10 scientists that said it's not manmade"

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