Monday, February 04, 2013

GOP Senator: Super Bowl Blackout Could Add Momentum to Energy Policy -
The Super Bowl blackout could provide the momentum for energy policy like the Hispanic vote has done for immigration reform, according to Senate Energy and Natural Resources Ranking Member Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska.
Futurama: Al Gore’s Mistaken View of 'The Future' - Newsweek and The Daily Beast
I agree with him that the evidence on climate change, and the contribution to it by man-made carbon emissions, is about as good as science can provide  [Hey Jagdish:  What evidence, specifically, are you talking about?] ; and he is persuasive in his sketch of the scenario of the dangers that global warming, unchecked, hold for mankind. Where he fails is in the remedies that he discusses.
[Warmist kids win unnecessary fossil-fueled trips to see Al Gore!] - Cambridge
After a month of preparations, two groups of Cambridge Rindge and Latin School students won top honors in the Glocal Challenge and will soon head to Costa Rica to meet Al Gore.
Al Gore Says Direct Action On CLimate Change Won't Work
Former US vice-president and climate crusader Al Gore has urged Australians not to write off Prime Minister Julia Gillard, suggesting that she still had time to turn around opinion poll results.
Mr Gore, who has campaigned for action against climate change for years, said he had a ''great deal of faith and confidence in the people of Australia'' and he would watch the election outcome closely.

''Well, if I were a citizen of your country – I am not, so I don't wish to interfere in your politics – but I would certainly question the conclusion that public opinion polls are going to decide the outcome of an election so far away,'' he told ABC TV's Lateline program.

''I'm very impressed with your current prime minister. I think she's shown a great deal of courage and vision. And I think that Australians may look very carefully at the progress that has taken place and also look at the very powerful evidence that the climate crisis is having a very harsh impact on Australia, as predicted, as your own scientists have eloquently warned over and over again.''

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