Monday, February 18, 2013

Climate rally a big deal — in France?
Yesterday global warming rally in Washington DC made the front-page somewhere.
In France’s biggest paper…but not on the front page of the Washington Post or New York Times….
Filipino super-typhoon an ominous warning of climate change impact | World news |
Mary Ann Lucille Sering, head of the Philippine government's climate change commission, is in no doubt her country faces a deepening crisis that it can ill afford, financially and in human terms.
"Altogether this could eventually lead to disaster," Sering said. Unlike countries such as Britain, where changing weather has a marginal impact on most people's lives, climate change in the Philippines was "like a war". Opinion surveys showed that Filipinos rated global warming as a bigger threat than rising food and fuel prices, she said.
Old Time New England Winter
The mass of humanity here that retreats from the elements has gotten so insulated from nature, and from the glory of a night like to night, for instance, that they can be led by the nose when it comes to weather and climate. Whole world’s burning up? Must be, it says so right here. Plus, didn’t I see a video of a glacier melting, or something? Winter’s a thing of the past? Must be, I don’t even need a jacket anymore. And so on.
Pachauri to tell Australia to stop climate change/redistribute the wealth | Climate Nonconformist
How honoured are we? The chairman of the IPCC and soft-porn novelist Rajendra Pachauri is going to lecture us on the science of climate change.
OWS on KXL: ‘Obama – you can stop this pipeline with your pen, or we can stop it with our bodies’ |
That’s Occupy Wall Street on the Keystone XL pipeline.
Hypocritical Message from Protesters to Obama: ‘If you don’t stop KXL, we will’ |
Of course, this contrasts quote sharply with the Sierra Club propaganda photo of the event.
First the threat… ["If you don’t stop KXL, we will"]

Now the propaganda…["This is what democracy looks like"]

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