Monday, February 18, 2013

NSIDC : Pretending That The Satellite Era Began in 1979
If NSIDC showed the complete satellite data set, people would know that Arctic behavior was cyclical, as we can see in the original GISS temperature graph from Iceland
Climate contradiction: Less snow, more blizzards - Connecticut Post
[Warmist Seth Borenstein] upcoming study in the Journal of Climate says computer models predict annual global snowfall to shrink by more than a foot in the next 50 years. The study's author said most people live in parts of the United States that are likely to see annual snowfall drop between 30 and 70 percent by the end of the century.
Twitter / LeoHickman: In 1869 there was a theory ...
In 1869 there was a theory doing the rounds that the new railroads across the US were causing climate change...
Surface ice in Greenland is melting — in winter : ImaGeo
In January, scientists published research showing that over the past 20 years, areas on the west side of Greenland have warmed in winter by more than 10 degrees C.  [Can we conclude that there's a great thick cloud of CO2 hanging over the west side of Greenland?]

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