Sunday, February 24, 2013

CMIP5 (IPCC AR5) Climate Models: Modeled Relationship between Marine Air Temperature and Sea Surface Temperature Is Wrong
To paraphrase Gavin Schmidt, we’re not interested in the random component (noise) inherent in the individual simulations; we’re interested in the forced component, which represents the modeler’s best guess of the effects of manmade greenhouse gases on the variable being simulated.
Heidi Channel Fraudsters At Work | Real Science
Climate Central cherry picked the coldest start date of 1970, in order to make a fraudulent claim that US winters are warming.
US winter temperatures have been on the decline since 1920.
Newspapers have fired over 30,000 reporters in the last 5 years - Science and Climate journalists are the first to go.
“The Crisis in Climate Reporting.” - An event by climate, environment, and media experts on how journalists are a critical conduit to discussing climate change.

The speakers explored several practical solutions and then launch into a decent Q&A. Some were simple, such as directing readers to share their reading materials or collaborate with authors from various news outlets (e.g., Mother Jones partnering with, say, Washington Post to work on and cross-post the same stories, which would reach different audiences.). It was good to hear some practical solutions rather than esoteric brainstorming.  [Why not, say, Climate Depot and the New York Times partnering to post the same material?]
The EPA’s Secret Email Accounts |
“The Washington Free Beacon is one of the few media outlets plowing through the 12,000 emails the Justice Department has released related to Jackson’s illegal conduct. We suspect that more revelations will be forthcoming. However, the Beacon has so far revealed that the EPA is about as contemptuous of American industry as you always expected.”

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