Sunday, February 24, 2013

Politico: Sierra Club goes bolder in climate fight |
The enviros want to liken themselves to Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement. Of course, few arrests of civil rights protesters were pre-arranged with police. [links to article below]
Sierra Club goes bolder in climate fight - Talia Buford -
At the helm of the Sierra Club, Brune has even exposed one of the group’s own demons: A year ago, he went public with the admission that Sierra had secretly taken $26 million from natural gas interests to fund the club’s campaign against coal. [So did they give this "dirty" money back?]
1989 : Hansen Forecast 225 MPH Hurricanes | Real Science
The last category 5 hurricane to hit the US occurred three years later, in 1992.
Holdren Was Right About Ice Free Winters! | Real Science
The really amazing thing is that right now – at the end of the Antarctic summer – there is ice in places where there was none during the winters of 1974-1976.

According to NASA, this area of massive ice gain is the fastest warming place on earth. You can’t make up BS like the climate science world does.

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