Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy: Hey, you know what's causing all these snowstorms? Global warming!

Malloy: "This Is Climate Change"
The governor recognized what he saw in Fair Haven Tuesday: a warming planet.

“This is climate change,” he said as he stood a half-block away from a payloader scooping mountains of snow from Shelter Street, a side road that hadn’t seen a plow until Tuesday.
Since Malloy took office in January of 2011, the state has been pummeled by Snowmaggedon (more than 40 inches of snow in New Haven, for instance, in one month). Hurricane Irene. The freak October 2011 snowstorm that knocked out power and decimated trees statewide. Superstorm Sandy (already a fading memory three and a half months later?). And now Winter Storm Nemo, a blizzard that paralyzed New Haven with 34 inches of snow, the city’s biggest blizzard in more than a century.
“I think climate change is giving more severe weather more frequently as the environment continues to warm,” Malloy told the Independent during his stop.

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