Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rebutting Obama’s BS about energy | Power Line
President Obama’s discussion last night of “energy” was dishonest even by his standards. After briefly citing the nation’s energy gains under his administration, he turned to “climate change,” using a few quirky weather events as the springboard for advocating more federal regulation of the economy.

Ben Cole of the Institute for Energy Research has offered a forceful and, I think, largely meritorious response to Obama’s BS on energy and climate change.
Policy: Obama gets tough on climate, tells Congress to act or he will -- 02/13/2013 --
Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) said Obama is "pretty dedicated to ... harming our economy" with emissions-reducing programs.

"By the way, I'm certainly somebody who does not believe in man-made global warming," Johnson said yesterday. "I don't believe the science has just proved that in any way, shape or form. And I have no idea why anybody would want to penalize their economy to the tunes of potentially a trillion dollars or more to address something that may not even be caused by man. And even if it were, probably there's nothing we can do to reverse the course."
BBC News - Cryosat spots Arctic sea-ice loss in autumn
"Seymour's work provided evidence with which to propose and eventually launch the Cryosat mission, which is now - as his last paper describes - providing the first observations of the annual cycle of sea-ice growth and decay throughout the Arctic Ocean," Dr Giles said.
AP debunks Obama on gas mileage claim |
That’s expected to happen [or not] in 12 more years.

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