Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Obama sees climate disasters that scientists can’t | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
Obama is wrong about increasing climate disasters and wrong even to say the world has been warming lately:
- Bishop Hill blog - Science policy to the left of me
The Guardian has started a new science policy blog, featuring a variety of writers some of whom will be familiar to readers here. They seem to span the whole spectrum of political views, from the slightly left-wing through middlingly left wing to plain bonkers.

I wonder, however, if there is anyone in the science policy community who is more inclined to free market solutions?
NASA Disappears Hansen’s 1988 Forecasts | Real Science
NASA has made them vanish. Does anyone have a copy?
So, since 1998, the temperature for 1934 has been reduced by about 0.6F, and 1998’s cut by 0.3F.
The horsemeat argument | Climate Etc.
in the consensus climate change attribution arguments, natural internal variability and solar forcing have been largely dismissed because ‘It has to be wrong. I don’t know why it is wrong, but it has to be wrong.’ Recent research is suggesting a greater role for both (stay tuned for my next post on sensitivity).

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