Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Does the “less snow, more blizzards” global warming theory hold up in Washington, D.C.?
I suspect Washington’s recent feast or famine snowfall pattern, while enhanced by global warming, is driven to a larger degree by randomness...

Sceptic lets loose Today's News - The Mercury - The Voice of Tasmania
Speaking from Melbourne yesterday, the outspoken British peer said there had been no measurable global warming for at least 16 years and quite likely longer, despite increases in carbon dioxide emissions.
Lord Monckton said the science was collapsing around the alarmists and ordinary people were angry at the lies that had been told.
He said much of the debate was driven by left-wing politics.
Lord Monckton described Australia's carbon tax as "fantastically cost-ineffective".
If the whole world adopted Australia's carbon tax scheme for 10 years, it would cost $317 trillion or 59 per cent of global GDP.
This amounted to $45,000 for every person and all it would achieve was to forestall warming by about one sixth of one degree. It would be 36 times more expensive than paying the cost of adaptation to any climate change.
Obama Administration's "All-of-the-Above But Nothing-from-Below" Energy Policy Pushes State-of-the-Art Coal Projects Over the Edge
Plug Has Been Pulled On Over $5.5 Billion in Private Investment - Two Projects in Texas Had Been Expected to Create Hundreds of Middle Class Jobs
Fossil fuel imports drive Japanese trade deficit |
“Japan posted a record 1.63 trillion yen ($17.4 billion) trade deficit in January as rebounding exports lagged behind surging imports of crude oil and gas due to rising prices and the weakening yen.”

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