Monday, February 25, 2013

EPA: We didn’t know there would be renewable credit fraud |
“The first fraud case came to light in the fall of 2011. EPA put 24 companies on notice that more than 32 million RINs they had tried to use for compliance were bogus.”
Germany’s Renewable Energy Efficiency Falls To Just Over 20% – Threatening To Ruin Country’s Competitiveness
Every good manager knows that economic success and environmental protection only get achieved when resources are used efficiently and wisely. It makes little sense to buy a huge machine that can run only 20% of the time when you can get the job done using a much smaller machine that runs 100% all the time.
Understanding extreme weather in an era of climate change | Ars Technica
"Saying the drought was due to climate change is like saying the airplane crashed due to gravity," Nielsen-Gammon said. It's true, but it doesn't tell you much. So, his team used climate models to try to understand the causes of the drought. One of them was La Niña, the cold phase of the tropical Pacific Ocean, which has historically been associated with reduced rainfall in Texas and neighboring states...Andrew Freedman has an even greater challenge: accurately conveying it to the public. He's on the staff of [warmist] Climate Central, an organization that is funded by everyone from the Nature Conservancy to the Army Corps of Engineers, and he is tasked with getting accurate climate information out through a variety of outlets
Major methane release is almost inevitable - environment - 21 February 2013 - New Scientist
...That sounds like a lot, but is little compared to the vast amount humans are likely to emit, says Lenton. "The signal's going to be swamped by fossil fuel [emissions]."

He says the dangers of the permafrost greenhouse gases have been overhyped, particularly as much of the methane will be converted to carbon dioxide by microbes in the soil, leading to a slower warming effect.

Schuur agrees with Lenton that the methane emissions are "not a runaway effect but an additional source that is not accounted in current climate models".

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