Monday, February 25, 2013

Satellites define the surface urban heat island (UHI) for 419 global cities
Across the big cities, we show that the average annual daytime SUHII (1.5 ± 1.2 °C) is higher
than the annual nighttime SUHII (1.1 ± 0.5 °C) (P < 0.001). But no correlation is found between daytime and nighttime SUHII across big cities (P = 0.84), suggesting different driving mechanisms between day and night.
Meaningless Green Gestures | Real Science
People drive their car five miles to get to the supermarket. They purchase large amounts of products wrapped in plastic and styrofoam. Then they check out, and the cashier informs them that the store has discontinued their thin plastic bags -in an effort to save the planet. Instead the groceries get bagged in a thin paper bag, which is just a destructive to the environment. The shopper then burns another quarter of a gallon of gas driving home, their paper bag breaks in the driveway breaking glass and eggs, and the shopper feels good that he didn’t destroy the planet.
NWS station at Corinna, Maine: same old problems, now with global impact | Watts Up With That?
why oh why didn’t anyone look at the siting before promoting a station with what looks like an awful, awful recent record to a position with global influence?
NLP | Real Science
You can also say “Hurricanes, floods and droughts have plagued man since the dawn of history. Blaming your political opponents for the weather is the worst kind of McCarthyism.”

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