Monday, February 25, 2013

The Light Brigade: Confronting the Anti-Energy, Pro-Blackout Rally in DC — MasterResource
“We love energy with conviction, while they hate it with confusion.”
- Alex Epstein
Alex et al. did a great job of explaining to an adamantly anti-oil crowd just how much better their lives are because of oil. It was interesting to watch people realize that their whole day was predicated on oil – the polyester clothes they were wearing, the ibuprofen they took that morning, the computer chips in their phones, their plastic water bottles, the synthetic rubber in their shoes, not to mention the gas in the cars they drove to get there (even an abridged list is mind-boggling). However, one key point that unfortunately never sank in with anyone we talked to is that the climate has become dramatically safer with fossil fuel-driven industrial improvements. It seemed like no one cared about that crucial fact.

Our positive message about energy and industry stood in stark contrast to the protesters’ message of conservation, restriction, and destruction.
The Inconvenient Skeptic » Global Warming Prediction Error: January 2013
I am going to start tracking the prediction error that exists from the warming that will have to take place in order to reach 4 °C of warming by the year 2100. This is a way to see how realistic the projections for the next 87 years are...The Earth is currently not on track for the predictions to be correct.
Arctic Temperatures Far Below Normal | Real Science

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