Thursday, February 28, 2013

EU Climate Chief Says Talks on Airline Emissions Will Test Obama - Bloomberg
“I really believe that when it’s about finding a global way forward for aviation now, we -- the U.S. and the European Union -- should be on the same side, working for the obvious, namely that if I take a long-haul plane, be it from Washington to Europe or from Europe to Beijing, it is only common sense that I pay for my pollution,” Hedegaard told reporters today at a briefing in Washington.  [Hey Connie:  Do you voluntarily buy carbon dioxide rip-offsets so that your own numerous long-haul plane rides won't give my grandchildren kidney stones?]
Is climate change linked to the spread of flu? | Dylan Walsh | Environment |
Two weeks after that, Sherry Towers, a visiting scholar at Purdue University in Indiana, published an article in academic journal PLOS Currents that associates this year's severe flu epidemic with last year's unusually warm winter and low infection rate.
How The Dirty Energy Money Funding Climate Inaction Slips By The Press | Blog | Media Matters for America
Media Matters has received funding from the Tides Foundation, which is a donor-advised fund like Donors Trust.
Early spring calves battle hypothermia - Iowa Farmer Today
Whether you are a beef producer who may calve early, or you have a calf that is born under less-than-desirable conditions, hypothermia is something we need to be concerned about, especially this time of year.

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