Thursday, February 28, 2013

Most people no longer consider global warming a serious issue as financial crisis changes priorities | Mail Online
Fears over global warming are far lower than they were between 20003 and 2008, with less than one person in two regarding it as 'very serious'.
Massive Erupting Sunspot May Foreshadow Cycle of Solar Hibernation but North America is Unprepared for Resulting Global Cooling Say Friends of Science
Swept away by global warming climate change hysteria, governments are not ready for crop failures and shorter growing seasons of global cooling, foreshadowed by low solar activity. Though NASA is currently reporting a massive sunspot, solar cycle 24, our current phase, has been half as active as previous cycles suggesting another imminent Little Ice Age that could devastate food production for decades.
Ice-Free Arctic Has Normal Ice | Real Science
Temperatures in the Arctic are far below normal.
Government-Rentseeker Complex: Exelon offers to help EPA with major anti-coal regulation |
Courtesy of Chris Horner, an e-mail from nuclear utility Exelon offering to help EPA with its anti-coal utility MACT regulation.

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