Thursday, February 28, 2013

Remember back in November 2012, when Al Gore introduced "Reality Drop"? He just introduced it again yesterday

Al Gore Gamifies the Climate Change Conversation
Gore introduced Reality Drop during a TED Talk Thursday morning in Long Beach, Calif.

"No matter how much is occurring in the world with extreme weather, the industry keeps feeding denial. Though not all denial occurs online, we want to give people the tools to respond quickly and sharply to that denial," Maggie Fox, CEO of Climate Reality, told Mashable.

"It's time for us to go on the offense in a space that we can not only dominate, but change opinions."
To create Reality Drop's content, Climate Reality Project partnered with Skeptical Science, an organization of volunteer scientists who researched and responded to a list of common arguments against Climate Change. Fox says careful attention was given toward using simple, honest language and not using an attitude when crafting the rebuttals.

"It's actually a lot of work for someone who's new to the conversation about climate change to shut down denial, but also to serve as a resource," Fox says. "Our ultimate goal is to get conversation open and flowing. We need to move the conversation forward and not waste time arguing over whether it's happening or not."
November 2012: It's now been two weeks: Does anybody know what happened to happened to Al Gore's "Reality Drop" campaign?

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