Thursday, February 21, 2013

Euro MPs back plans to freeze pollution credits | The Nation
The parliamentary committee agreed by 38 votes to 25 to allow the European Commission to delay the timing of carbon emission auctions in hopes the price will rise and so encourage cleaner technologies, a statement said."The environment committee has sent a clear signal in favour of a strong and healthy emissions trading system. A stronger carbon price will help catalyse Europe’s transition towards a low-carbon economy," committee chairman Matthias Groote said in a statement.
Recent prices for such credits are around five euros but experts believe that needs to be 24-30 euros to make investment in clean technologies a realistic proposition.
Head of UN climate change panel says knowlege will provide solutions | Pacific Beat | ABC Radio Australia
The Chairman of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says the good news is that we now have knowledge of climate change and human society know what has to be done to fight the problem.

Doctor Rajendra Pachauri is visiting Melbourne as the Panel finalises it's first major report on climate change since 2007.
Lecture at Yale advocates for action on global warming
Report by India Education bureau, Yale: Motivating Americans to take action on global warming is the topic of a lecture to be delivered by Harvard professor Theda Skocpol on Wednesday, Feb. 20.

This year’s Hollingshead Lecture, sponsored by the Yale Department of Sociology, is titled “What It Will Take to Mobilize Americans to Limit Carbon Emissions and Fight Global Warming.”
Score-Settled Science - By Mark Steyn - The Corner - National Review Online
Since being sued by fantasy Nobel Laureate and global warm-monger Michael E Mann for mocking his hockey stick, I’ve taken a greater than usual interest in the conformity enforcers of the settled-science crowd. So I was interested to read this tidbit from Roger Pielke, Jr, professor of environmental studies at the University of Colorado. He’s no climate “denier”, merely a little bit too independent-minded for the movement’s tastes...

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