Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Ex-Colorado Gov. Ritter on Energy Secretary Shortlist, Despite Record
Shoddy accounting…picking losers…expensive energy–these are Governor Bill Ritter’s legacy on energy policy. Sounds like the perfect candidate to make electricity prices skyrocket.
Ten-Point Stance: Cold weather Super Bowls not cool at all - NFL -
One of the first Super Bowls that I covered was 1992 in Minneapolis. The temperature was Pluto.

There were ice sculptures everywhere. In fact, there was ice everywhere. There wasn't extensive congregating or socializing by fans outside around the downtown areas -- like in New Orleans last week -- because it was too frigid. It was so cold -- and I'm not kidding -- the city built an overhead system so pedestrians could cross swaths of downtown without going outside.

The Super Bowl never returned.
Warmists Display Cowardice and Hypocrisy In Avoiding Global Warming Debate - Forbes
And Michael Mann will attack a skeptical scientist as being “valueless” and serving as a “hired gun” when he himself gets rich off his high-profile alarmism, charging as much as $10,000 plus travel expenses for a single talk.

Why do global warming alarmists come up with all sorts of excuses to avoid participating in interactive public discussion and debate? The answer is simple; they have learned that if they do, they will wind up like a hapless bird caught in the path of a blazing Randy Johnson fastball.
Lakshmi Puri: Gender equality key to addressing climate | Climate Change TV
“Women as managers of households, custodians of bio resources and trad knowledge – and they are the conscience of humanity,” she said.

“They have to be the objects and subjects of climate change policy, and that’s why it must be gender sensitive.”  [I'm confused here:  Is it "gender sensitive" to suggest that only women are the conscience of humanity?]

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