Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Snowstorm Friday Has Potential To Be Historic « CBS Boston
Again, if the storm sets up just right, and that is a very distinct possibility, final snow amounts will rival that of our greatest snowstorms in Boston history, including the 27.1 inches in 1978.
Occam’s Razor, the Null Hypothesis, and Anthropogenic Global Warming | Power Line
Dr. Carter goes on to talk about why the failure of the AGW theory is so little understood by the general public. Here we enter the realm of politics, and also high finance, as billions of dollars have been spent to enlist scientists in the cause, and to convince naive voters that dangerous anthropogenic global warming is something other than a failed and politically-motivated theory.
U.S. Rep. Ed Markey calls on president to address climate change, lands Sierra Club endorsement |
In an email to supporters on Wednesday, Markey lamented on Hurricane Sandy and the record droughts and heat of 2012 as reasons to take action at a national level to address global warming and its effects on weather patterns.

"With its strongest champion John Kerry now gone, I want to be the passionate voice in the Senate for taking action on climate change. We can't let obstructionist Republicans who deny the science of global warming stop us from taking action," Markey said in the message. "We have to commit to action before it's too late to combat the most dire consequences of climate change. President Obama has a chance to take a huge step forward in the State of the Union address."

Markey asked supporters to sign a letter asking Obama for tough talk on the environment in his national speech, which is set to take place on Feb. 12 and outline his second-term agenda.
TELL THE PRESIDENT: Address Climate Change | Ed Markey
[Markey's letter seems a little light on the details of his desired bad-weather-prevention plan] DEAR MR. PRESIDENT:

We need a real plan for action on climate change — and your State of the Union address is a perfect time to lay one out.
Give us a plan, and we’ll fight alongside you.

Ed Markey

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