Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Greenland Ice Record Shows Current Temps Are Cool | Heartlander Magazine
Although current temperatures are significantly warmer than during the depths of the Little Ice Age (1300-1900 A.D.), temperatures are still substantially cooler than the average temperatures over the past few thousand years. Science reporter Joanne Nova has posted a powerful graph on her website showing the proper context of current temperatures.
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New paper finds sea levels rose twice as fast to 8 meters higher than the present during last interglacial
A new paper published in Geophysical Journal International finds that during the last interglacial, global sea levels rose more than twice as fast as the present rate, to more than 8 meters higher than the present. According to the authors, the maximum 1000-year-average rate of sea level rise during the last interglacial exceeded 6 mm/yr, which is double the rate claimed by the IPCC of 3.1 mm/yr, and 5 times the rate claimed by NOAA of ~ 1.2 mm/yr. The paper adds to many other peer-reviewed studies demonstrating there is nothing unusual, unnatural, or unprecedented regarding current sea level rise, and that there is no evidence of a human influence on sea levels.
Los Angeles Will Be Off Coal by 2025, Says Mayor |
“About 39 percent of L.A.’s power now comes from coal-fired plants.”
Time to jail the climate scamsters
[Monckton] This year will bring a fifth “Assessment Report.” As an expert reviewer I shall try to halt further fraud. It will not be easy. The weevils are at it again. This year’s new predictions, backcast eight years to 2005, bizarrely overstate already measured warming and project the exaggerations to 2050, forecasting unrealistically rapid warming.

A senior Australian police officer specializing in organized-crime frauds tells me the pattern of fraud on the part of a handful of climate scientists may yet lead to prosecutions.

When the cell door slams on the first bad scientist, the rest will scuttle for cover. Only then will the climate scare – mankind’s strangest and costliest intellectual aberration – be truly over.

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