Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Look out! PEAK WIND is COMING, warns top Harvard physicist
It should be made clear that Professor Keith is starting from the position that global warming is still definitely on (at some point, it has been stalled for well over a decade) and that humanity must go carbon-free or anyway carbon-very-low within a lifetime, generating "several tens of terawatts" of low to nil-carbon power on that timescale. The professor is merely pointing out that wind certainly can't do anything like the whole job in that scenario, and it may not actually be able to do very much at all.
It's definitely looking as though we would be hitting Peak Wind down at the low end of that range. And with wind very much the poster child of renewable power - it is cheap, scalable and practical compared to the other methods - that would seem to be the effective end for the dream of a renewables-powered future for humanity.
World+Dog don't care about climate change, never have done • The Register
Seventeen years of continuous surveys covering countries around the world show that people not only do not care about climate change today - understandably prioritising economic misery - they also did not care about climate change even back when times were good.
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GFS getting 32 very close to Orlando Tuesday morning.
Twitter / RyanMaue: Winter never ending in Atlanta ...
Winter never ending in Atlanta ...temps solidly 20-25°F below normal worst on March 4 -- 45°/24° ... hell with that.

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