Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Heaviest snowfall in a century in Moscow - WWF blames global warming

Sen. Vitter Hits the Ground Running
Sens. Vitter & Alexander Ask AG Why Oil Is Prosecuted for Killing Birds, but Not Wind
Sen. Vitter Objects to EPA’s Absurd Mandate for Non-Existent Fuel
Twitter / RyanMaue: ECMWF 12z has 3-feet snow totals ...
ECMWF 12z has 3-feet snow totals for 9-days. Whoa.
Cormorants cannot capture the benefits of global warming
"Furthermore these birds may be unable to breed further north because the increased migratory journey back south each winter will be at the limit of what they can achieve. It is as though the birds are on a piece of elastic anchored in the south of Greenland where they spend the winter. They can stretch the elastic and go north to breed but must bounce back south each winter. However, to stretch the elastic further north away from the winter base requires a lot more energy than the birds currently expend each year. They already seem to be at their migratory limit. The extra cost of a longer journey on top of their annual energy budget will be too much and this will stop them being able to follow the retreating edge of the sea-ice ever further north. The prospects for range expansion are thus quite restricted"

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