Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Skeptic Baiting and Academic Misconduct | The Lukewarmer's Way
Both Lewandowsky and the blog administrators discussed the purpose of the survey and conveyed with a nudge and a wink that it would be great fun for activists to pretend to be skeptics and sign up for all the outlandish theories they could.
Why Taking WWF Money Matters « NoFrakkingConsensus
If the IPCC had done the sensible thing and banned activist publications, would the institute run by its chairman still be receiving activist cash?
...How can we have confidence in the impartiality of a trial when the chief judge, while performing his other job, actively promotes a worldview hostile to the accused?
Climate Change Mentioned in Texas Legislature | Planet3.0
The current drought ranks as the third worst on record, behind the ’50s and 1915-1918. But if Texas is still in drought by the end of summer it will move into second place.
There’s a 400-Year Nip in the Air
Feb. 2, 1046: English monks record the onset of a cold snap so harsh that “no man then alive could remember so severe a winter as this was, both through loss of men and through loss of cattle; yea, fowls and fishes through much cold and hunger perished.”

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