Sunday, February 03, 2013

Hottest Year Ever Update – Philadelphia Was Nine Degrees Warmer in 1790 | Real Science
Philadelphia averaged 35 degrees in January, 2012 – and 44 degrees in January, 1790.

A nine degree cool down since the Little Ice Age is exactly what the climate models predicted.
Articles: Al Gore, Futurist
Gore is best known as an advocate of global warming doom. It may be that global warming has become old hat, because if is downplayed in The Future. It also may be that the failure of the globe to warm for 16 years has caused Gore to look for new reasons to be alarmed and for new reasons to create government programs in response.
The Future is a toxic mixture of democratic talking points, gee wiz futurism and predictions of environmental doom. It is obviously the product of a professional staff of ghostwriters and PR professionals overseen by Al Gore and dedicated to promoting the Al Gore brand.
‘Cash for Clunkers’ Hurt the Environment, Analysis Shows | Heartlander Magazine
The 2009 Cash for Clunkers program did more harm than good for the environment, concludes a new analysis published by E Magazine. In addition to harming the environment, Cash for Clunkers drove up automobile prices for American consumers.
- Bishop Hill blog - Wind farms gone in 25 years
This is the unmistakeable conclusion of remarks from Richard Dixon, the head of Friends of the Earth Scotland in an interview on BBC Radio Scotland yesterday.

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