Sunday, February 03, 2013

Politics of pollution: China's oil giants take a choke-hold on power | Reuters
With media focusing on a sudden worsening of the air quality in Beijing at the start of 2013 -- 21 days in January recorded "heavily polluted" levels or worse -- urban residents are increasingly impatient with the political wrangling.

"The air pollution is terrible," said Beijing resident Zhang Shuqing on a recent very polluted day.
Enviros accuse FedEx, Home Depot, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and Wells Fargo of funding ‘deniers’ |
If only they would join the WINNING team!
Environment Canada’s Ignorance Guarantees Political Climate Science And Wrong Policy.
[Tim Ball] A spokesperson, identified as a “warning preparedness meteorologist” from Environment Canada threatened us with climate doom, but only managed to show total ignorance of climate science.

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