Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Jeff Goodell Gets Real About Climate Change | Neon Tommy
With all this extreme weather we've been having, people are starting to see with their own eyes and asking questions about what's going on...Everybody knows this is real, this is happening...The hard thing for Obama is that there's not a big political upside coming down hard on climate other than the democrats establishing themselves as pro-reality. With something like immigration or guns, there's a political upside dealing with it. But there isn't a lot of political upside dealing with climate change, which is always the problem...One thing that's pretty clear is that we're not going to stop global warming - it's happening - climate change is happening. It's going to happen at an increasing rate and we're beginning a really wild ride.
Beetle outbreak worst ever, professor says | Great Falls Tribune |
“We don’t have any perfect records of insect outbreaks, but to the best of our knowledge nothing close to this has ever been seen,” said Six, adding the outbreak is so big “it’s probably the biggest outbreak we’ve ever seen on the planet.”
UM Regents professor Steve Running, who shared the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 for his work with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, said carbon emissions continue to increase worldwide with coal-fired power plants the largest cause.

“The driver for all of this is absolutely going berserk on a global stage,” said Running, referring to carbon [sic] emissions.
Todd Tanner, chairman of a newly formed group call Conservation Hawks, said Montana sportsmen can see for themselves that changes are afoot on the landscape. They need to stand up and tell politicians to address the problem, he added.

Climate change is going to trash pretty much everything we care about,” he said.
Obama Solidly In Control Of The Weather Now | Real Science
He can’t control a shotgun, baseball or bowling ball – but he can control the weather.

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