Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Labour neglected energy crisis 'for a decade' - Telegraph
Mr Yeo claimed that the "era of cheap energy" in Britain had ended.
EU carbon permit scheme gets a sticking-plaster fix
The EU has finally got around to slapping a sticking-plaster on the woefully unfit-for-purpose carbon trading market.
The carbon permit scheme had always been disliked by many left-wing environmentalists for allocating initial permits based on emissions — and then increasing those allocations for the first few years of the scheme, albeit at a decreasing rate.
The permit scheme eventually turned into a mild handout to the biggest companies, with the size of that handout vaguely dependent on how much they had cut their emissions.
The problem is that any plan which actually leads to a constraint on carbon usage is unlikely to be particularly popular with the businesses affected by it.
Himachal Pradesh to witness more rain, snow from Friday - The Times of India
Biting cold has gripped entire Himachal Pradesh these days with minimum temperature recorded several degrees below zero at many places. Many roads are still blocked in snowbound areas of the state while power supply system too is yet to be restored completely, sources said.
Wuebbles gone wild – hilarious claims of “wall to wall” severe weather on cable news is not science | Watts Up With That?
The only thing that has increased that is extreme, is Dr. Wuebbles opinions.

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