Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Super Secret Right Wing Conspiracy Donors
Suzanne Goldenberg reports that super-secret donors are giving vast amounts of money to us climate skeptics. This money is so secret, that even us skeptics don’t know about it.
EPA official quits amid e-mail scrutiny - The Washington Post
“Now we know that Lisa Jackson’s acting replacement, Bob Perciasepe, appears to have been doing the same thing to dodge the agency’s mandatory recordkeeping policy,” Vitter added. “EPA owes us all some answers about their absolute disregard for transparency, especially from their acting administrator or any potential nominee to be administrator.”
Coal: Texas developer cancels power plant, blames Obama climate push
"Pronouncements by the administration -- most recently in the President's State of the Union message -- continue to indicate that additional regulatory barriers to such projects will be erected," Chief Operating Officer Randy Bird said in a statement. "In addition, even though the generation needs for the state of Texas continue to grow, the presently low price of natural gas has made the price of electricity from a new coal fired generator uncompetitive at this time."
Thousands Rally in Frigid DC to Bitterly Protest Global Warming
Speaking of the opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline, Marc Morano interviewed a young fella who said he — and lots of people at the rally — were willing to take “any means necessary” to stop the project. And by “any,” he meant anything … including violence and eco-terrorism. Watch the interview in the video below

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