Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Life In The Dark Ages | Real Science
We have a government of people obsessed with controlling the climate by legislation or executive order. In the past, these people would have been openly ridiculed as lunatics.

Even if you believe Hansen’s bullshit, the ability of the US government to control global CO2 levels is so small as to be almost irrelevant.
US Shrinks Again | Real Science
Last winter, when the Eastern US was one of the few warm places on Earth, the US occupied about 90% of the world’s climate, and the lack of snow was proof of global warming.

But now that the same area has turned cold, the US again only occupies a minute percentage of the world’s climate, and the abundance of snow is consistent with global warming.
Australia reef shallows may cross damage threshold in 30 years | Reuters
"Honestly, we thought damaging thresholds would not be crossed in coral reefs this century. Now we know that for parts of the day, at least on our reef, it will be passed by 2040," said the study's lead author, Emily Shaw.
Climate change increasing, UC researcher says |
Climate change is increasing faster than what the world was ready to admit 20 years ago, a University of Canterbury (UC) climate change biologist said today.

Dr Stinus Lindgreen said researchers had been talking about accelerating climate change for decades and many people had chosen to ignore it.

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