Wednesday, February 27, 2013

World cools on global warming as green fatigue sets in
The declining interest in climate change comes amid a backlash against costly green energy investments in an age of austerity. David Nussbaum, head of WWF UK, said “sustained pressure” was required from political leaders to combat climate change. He said it was only when “real indicators” of climate change came, such as floods and droughts, that public perceptions changed.
Polar Bear Blog – State of the Western Hudson Bay Polar Bears
Between 1984 and 2004, CWS lists 3,306 ‘captures’ of 1,963 individual bears. Mean date of handling being September 10th. Over this same period, Manitoba Conservation (Polar Bear Alert) handled 963 bears (1,417 times) and euthanized approximately 95 problem bears.

So, in a population of approximately 1,000 bears, there have been 4,723 encounters in which handling and drugging occurs over 20 years. Extrapolate those results forward and you have 6,500+ encounters from 1984-2012. Basically, about 20-25% of this population may be handled each and every year.

These results do not include bears impacted by helicopter tours and those hazed but not handled by Polar Bear Alert officers.
Thin Snowpack Signals Summer of Fire and Drought -
Lakes are half full and mountain snows are thin, omens of another summer of drought and wildfire.
Antarctic Sea Ice Starts Growing Again 5 Days Early | NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT
This continues the trend for the last 12 months,when ice extent has been consistently and significantly above the long term mean.

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