Monday, February 25, 2013

Long Term Climate Change Trends Worry Experts | News - Indiana Public Media
we certainly have expectations that crop yields will decrease
Key climate change body loses Government funding | ABC Radio Australia
A key research body charged with preparing Australia to handle the impacts of global warming is running out of money.

The National Climate Change Adaptation Research facility [NCCARF] has been running for five years but the Federal Government has decided not to extend its funding.
Alberta Synfuels carbon capture project funding cancelled | Energy | News | Financial Post
CALGARY • One of the central planks of Alberta’s climate change strategy was cut in half Monday, as the province abandoned plans to give Swan Hills Synfuels LP $285-million to build a synthetic gas plant in the oil hub northwest of Edmonton.
Political reality stymies action on climate change - The Irish Times - Tue, Feb 26, 2013
Analysis: When recession hit hard in 2009, climate change plummeted down the political agenda as quickly as shares in Anglo Irish Bank. An indication of its marginalisation has been the spectacular decline in media coverage – the total number of articles on climate change in Irish newspapers fell from 2,780 in 2009 to only 972 in 2012.
Carbon plunges 12 pct as hopes for quick CO2 fix fade - News - Point Carbon
LONDON, Feb 25 (Reuters Point Carbon) – European carbon permits fell 12 percent during trade on Monday after lawmakers said they would not hold a vote on Tuesday to start drafting law to prop up prices in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.
MEPs say EU ETS fix faces delays, possible defeat - News - Point Carbon
LONDON, Feb 25 (Reuters Point Carbon) – A seven-month old plan to fix the EU’s carbon market took a hammer blow on Monday as EU lawmakers decided to put it to a full parliamentary vote before discussing it with ministers, a move that MEPs say at best will delay the plan and at worst defeat it.

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