Monday, February 25, 2013

Storm Seen Easing Drought for Moisture-Starved U.S. Wheat - Bloomberg
The prospect of water from the snowstorms has made farmers more optimistic for improved yields, Britt said.

“It’s not going to alleviate all concerns that the drought is over, but you have to wonder when you get these back-to-back storms if the weather patterns aren’t changing,” he said. It’s not a cure-all because some of the wheat isn’t coming back, but it’s definitely beneficial.”
Treasury nominee: No carbon tax from the White House | The Daily Caller
Treasury secretary nominee Jack Lew said that President Barack Obama will not propose a carbon tax, despite promising to tackle climate during his second term and expressing his support for a “market-based solution” to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
Roof collapse kills 1 in Woodward - Oklahoma City - OKC -
Lehenbauer also confirmed a partial roof collapse at a Walmart in town and at a fuel station in the town of Mooreland.

A winter storm dumped nearly a foot of snow on parts of northwest Oklahoma with winds producing blizzard conditions.
How now, happy cow? Why I deferred my reckoning with meat | Grist
A big part of me feels like being a vegetarian is the right thing to do. Another big part of me thinks that being vegetarian sucks enough I might convince myself I just don’t care.
Tom Ridge: 'Climate change is a national security threat' |
Former Gov. Tom Ridge joined 37 prominent political figures at that U.S. Capitol Monday calling for policymakers to figure climate change into national security strategy and budget considerations.
Also among the dignitaries signing the letter were former secretaries of state George Schultz and Madeleine Albright, as well as former U.S. Rep. James Greenwood, R-Bucks County.

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